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The group of Artificial Neural Networks and Evolutionary Computation is composed of a team of computer scientists, communication engineers, and mathematicians with skills for both basic research in intelligent systems and applied research in engineering and marketing problems.


The group was formed in the year 2003, gathering researchers with previous experience in the group Scalab, whose research work covered these fields.

Evannai has developed an extensive research and development work. Several open problems and different aspects of the Evolutionary Computation and Machine Learning fields have been studied. Among them, the improvement of deductive and inductive learning system by means of genetic programming; obtaining a system of rules from the output produced by a genetic classifier; how to deal with problems of time series prediction and optimization for real applications; how to improve the performance and generalization of machine learning techniques; developing methods in the context of interactive evolutionary computation; the use of evolutionary computation techniques in cryptographic systems, and how to predict the initial public offering price in the stock market. 

Group members also have wide experience in different techniques: Genetic Algorithms, Genetic Programming, Evolution Strategies, Particle Swarm Optimization, evolutionary systems for the generation of prototypes, Radial Basis Neural Networks and Recurrent Neural Networks. In addition, the group also has extensive experience in application areas such as process optimization (predictive control of industrial plants and chemical reactors, optimization of industrial designs); predicting phenomena and environmental indicators; planning tasks and tools for automatic and interactive design (furniture, logos), the economic and financial field (study of auctions, early prediction of bankruptcy); cryptography; Brain computer-interfaces, and applications in network environments.

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